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How to Choose the Right Interactive Panel for Your Classrooms?

Education no longer has to be dull, repetitive, or restricted to chalk and a blackboard. Neotouch Interactive Flat Panel, classrooms are gaining significant traction as a result of the education sector’s growing reliance on technology and AI’s sluggish ascent up the educational ladder. However, as the population grows, the need also grows, as the result the range of various options available in the market. So, in this article we are going to see about the factors to be considered while purchasing Interactive Flat Panel.

Evolution of Education System

In order to increase both participation and training achievement in the twenty-first century, intelligent display and collaboration technologies must be used in the classroom. The front-of-room interactive display remains even if many technological developments Chromebooks, iPads, etc. have an impact.  The best way to boost student involvement at events is through interactive displays. This reflects a transformation in how students and teachers interact both with data and one another. 

The IFP (Interactive Flat Panel) is now complemented by a wide range of interactive technological advancements that provide the potential to empower educators, connect and engage with the students, and enhance the coordinated effort. Making the appropriate pick from among the many options that an interactive display gives these days becomes crucial because of how important interactive displays are. 

Before selecting an interactive display for your classroom, you should take into account the following factors:

  1. Glass-like Clarity

The mechanics of the glass serve as one of the Interactive Flat Panel displays’ primary points of differentiation. Although it may seem like a bold statement, all interactive and smart classrooms should have a strong Digital Smart Board Stand and hardened glass. To reach most kids, a wide angle on a thick glass is essential.  Neotouch, Interactive Panel manufacturers, who offer frictionless surface innovation on the glass, which improves swiping and general screen use, are the real differentiators. This enhances the whole experience.

  • Sound Quality

A coordinated speaker framework should be included in the majority of reputable intelligent boards.  We have given the smart boards’ built-in audio a lot of care, and as a result, shaped their screens so that front-aligned speakers are available. 

Compared to panels with speakers facing the rear, these do significantly improve volume and sound quality. The quality of the audio and the maximum volume levels that might be produced inside the classroom. Further enhanced by additional strong speaker bars that are positioned ideally beneath and they are conveniently accessible, simple to use, and powerful.

  • Size- Crucial facts to take into account

What makes the bait worthwhile to cling to is selecting the proper size and proportions of a specific classroom gadget. The most important thing to remember is that the screen needs to be big enough to be seen by the last student seated in the classroom. Additionally, be cautious while installing Smart Board For Classroom, particularly heavy panels because they may provide greater threats to the students and make mounting them much more challenging. 

  • Visibility of IFP

Visibility is one of the most important factors of an Interactive Flat Panel classroom since it not only ensures that students are engaged but also stimulates their brains. Choosing the best resolution is therefore rather difficult, so you can choose Neotouch Interactive Flat Panel. The number of pixels in a screen determines resolution, which describes the sharpness and clarity of any visual display with Board Room Display. The picture gets sharper and more defined the higher the resolution. 

You must take into account the computer or other device you will use to power these interactive displays since, even though their design capabilities are less than 1080P HD, you may be able to present content at those lower resolutions on your new intelligent board. 

Some user-friendly boards are currently also available in Ultra High Definition. To see the output in 4K, however, not many PCs in the educational sector today have the necessary graphics or processing power.

  • Software for Smart Boards

Software applications are a crucial component. If PC-based, Windows and Microsoft Suite are incredibly functional and adaptable. It’s crucial to take into account cloud services and educational or other sector-specific software that improves performance, connectivity, storage, or functionality. Make sure to do your study on the software your hardware requires, as this is essential for delivering top-notch functioning. Numerous software app are available in market, and it may varies according to brand.

  • Life expectancy of IFP

The performance of a thing is determined by its lifespan. Any reliable interactive screen should be able to withstand 50,000 hours of anticipated use, which will last far longer than 15 years in any typical classroom setting. Understand the terms of these displays’ guarantees as well. They can last for up to ten years on the site, ranging from a year upon arrival to a base guarantee.

  • Examine the Price

The price to acquire a smart board unit increases with its size. Before making a choice, take the venue and intended audience into account. For almost all collaborative learning and work purposes, resolutions of 4k or better work effectively.

  • Sensitivity of Board

While purchasing the smart board, you should notice the sensitivity of board. The smoothness plays an important role in these IFPs. Because, teachers and students should feel the sensitivity of Interactive Flat Panels, while using it. Teacher may use multiple slides, while taking seminars. So, the touch sense should be effective and smooth. If you opt to buy IFPs, do consider this factor.


These are some of the key things to take into account when selecting an interactive board for your smart class. Despite the fact that there are many additional aspects to take into account, the eight  described above provide a reasonably comprehensive understanding of light.

What is a Digital Smart Board?

A digital smart board is an interactive display technology that combines the features of a traditional whiteboard with digital capabilities. It allows users to write, draw, and interact with content using touch or stylus input, making it ideal for presentations, education, collaboration, and more.

Can I mount a Digital Smart Board on the wall?

Yes, most Digital Smart Boards are designed for wall mounting. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation to ensure stability and proper usage.

What are the benefits of using a Digital Smart Board?

Digital Smart Boards offer benefits such as interactive teaching and presentations, improved engagement, easy annotation on digital content, access to online resources, real-time collaboration, and the ability to save and share notes.



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